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Apple is set to launch its first 5G-compatible iPhone in September with a lineup of 5G-compatible phones expected to be unveiled in September at the WWDC keynote. Apple has announced a new range of iPhones, including a 6.1-inch iPhone with a 5.5-inch iPhone 11 (exact model TBD), a 6

"I'm not taking this lightly," Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a call with investors. "This is a very serious problem, and we're going to have to do more than talk and sleep at the same time." Apple has been under fire for the quality of its software for years as the company lags behind rivals like Google and Amazon in delivering the highest-quality hardware and services. Apple says it is investing in research and development to make the iPhone more energy-efficient, and it says it is also developing new features that could help it stand out in the market. The company has only a few years

The Apple TV is the first streaming box to feature 4K video and is available now in 27 countries outside the U.S.A. and in 11 countries outside the U.S.A. Apple has an OEM partner to manufacture the Apple TV, so it’s likely that it’s already a success. In fact, reports have indicated that Apple will sell over 20 million units in its first fiscal year. However, the company’s first major launch is still months away, so the chances of the $40-$60 streaming box reaching that milestone are small. The Apple TV will be

Apple's iPhone X is among the most successful smartphone models ever launched. First out of the gate with a massive fan-fare in September 2019, the phone became a global sensation immediately. The iPhone X is the fifth generation of Apple's flagship smartphone, built around a 5.5-inch screen and powered by Apple’s A13 chip. It’s Apple’s first flagship phone to start with the 5.5-inch size: 5.5-inch phones were first introduced in 2011’s iPhone 5S. The original iPhone 5 had a 5.5-inch screen and 5G capabilities, but it’s the fifth generation that is the most exciting new iPhone in Apple’s lineup.

Apple is set to release its first 5G iPhone in September 2019, according to a new report on the company's plans. The report says Apple will introduce three 5G models in September 2019, with a 4.7-inch 4G model, a 5.5-inch 4G model and a 6.7-inch 5G model

The world of Apple’s most valuable company is being disrupted by the impact of the coronavirus on its supply chains. It has already announced that it will miss its first-quarter revenue guidance due to supply chain disruptions. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has warned that the company will miss its revenue guidance due to the effects of the virus on its supply chain. In a letter to shareholders, Cook said that the company will miss its revenue guidance due to the impact on its supply chain and the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the virus in China. Apple’s supply chain is in China, where the coronavirus outbreak is currently impacting. The company said last month that it would miss its second-quarter

The world of Apple is home to some of the smartest minds in technology and the world is booming with the world's most valuable company. But as the world evolves, keeping its core value is becoming increasingly challenging. The world is getting less and less likely to be a world in which everyone has an iPhone. Though, with some uncertainty, the iPhone may eventually become obsolete. The reason is simple:

Apple is one of the most well-known names in the world of mobile technology. The company's App Store offers over a billion apps worldwide, with many of them being used by millions of people around the world. Apple is not just a hardware company. It's been one of the biggest and best companies in Apple's history. It has been

Apple Pay will be enabled in the Apple Watch 5.0 and iPhone 18 series with its Touch ID feature, according to a leaked build of the German tech giant's wearable. That’s not the only Apple Watch 5.0 chip rumored to be in the works. Apple has also reportedly been exploring the possibility of using the iPhone's A12 Bionic processor for the Apple Watch 6. In an interview with MacWorld, Cook said that the new Apple Watch 5.0 would use the A12X Bionic processor. The last time we heard of Apple’s Watch processor was back in September

Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is typically associated with the LGBT+ movement. Show your support by wearing an Apple-themed Pride t-shirt, including the one we like the best. Apple is known for its iconic rainbow logo. It’s often worn by customers in support of the LGBT+ community. Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is typically associated with the LGBT+ movement. It’s often worn by customers in support of the LGBT+ community. Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is typically associated with the LGBT+ movement. Apple’s iconic rainbow logo is typically associated