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Apple has long been rumored to release a small screen, 5.4-inch iPad Pro in the second half of 2021. Now, a new leak suggests that the release may be delayed by one more year. A report from the Korea Herald claims that the launch will happen in the second half of 2020. We’ll be hearing another rumor

LONDON (Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) - Get ready for an iPhone with a world-class camera. Apple is expected to update its main rival to offer a camera that can measure light from the edges of a shot to automatically adjust focus and lens size, according to a report by analyst Ming-Chi Ku

On Wednesday, Apple's (AAPL) stock opened at a new all-time high, after Journal (JNJ) reported that the iPhone maker's monthly revenue is set to hit $63 billion in the fiscal year that ends in September. Analysts at the Journal are expecting $61.4 billion in revenue, up from $49.2 billion a year ago and $49.1 billion last year. Other analysts have also been forecasting the launch of 6G networks, with one suggesting the iPhone maker could launch five 6G models by the end of 2021. On Tuesday, Bank of America (BAC) downgraded the stock to an “equal weight” in a report on Wednesday, January 28th.

Apple is no longer just planning to release a new iPad Pro. It's going to officially release a new iPad mini, which was rumored to be announced at WWDC. Previous rumors have said that a new, smaller iPad mini would launch later this year, while a new iPad Pro is rumored to launch in the first half of 2020. In a market that's undergoing rapid change, these are bold

Apple is set to launch iOS 13, the next version of the iPhone and iPad software, on Tuesday, December 10. That software update will be the first to release a new version of the iPhone and iPad Pro, one of the best-selling smartphones of all time. The iPhone and iPad will be updated to the new software, which is called iOS 13, on Tuesday, December 10. The update will be available to users of both models, so long as they are running the same version of iOS. So far, it looks like the iPhone and iPad Pro will be the only major devices updated in the coming months. However, reports suggest that other devices will also be updated in the coming months. On the software front, the iPhone

Apple is hosting a developer conference this week, and I’ve heard a bunch of rumors about the new iPhones. The 9.7-inch model might get a smaller screen than the 9.7-inch version we’ve seen so far, but it's going to have an iPhone 12-style home button, which

Apple is set to open up its Mac computer to more and more people, including those in developing countries. The announcement was made during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, where Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated his firm belief that the company is the company best positioned to deliver the next generation of customers. Cook was asked about the company's decision to make the Mac open-source, which is different than other open-source computing platforms like Linux. Cook said the decision was made because the Apple brand is so iconic in the world of enterprise computing, particularly in the business world. Apple's being used as a reference point by the companies that are making the most powerful computers. "Apple is the laboratory," Cook said. "So, when

Apple & Android have had agreements to share revenue in these areas for years. These agreements have included the same income sharing payments that can be found in the Apple Pay and Apple Pay Plus offers. The exact amount of Apple Pay revenue that is expected to come from the new services is yet unknown. Apple is also not known to release direct cash payments to customers unless an emergency comes up. Apple has previously said that its services business will continue to grow and grow, despite the negative Apple Watch rumors. That has been a big selling point for the company in the past. The new Apple Pay and Apple Pay Plus offers will be available in the US, US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Spain, the Netherlands,

Apple’s iPhone lineup is already competitive, with the growing popularity of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models. However, the Apple Watch, which is Apple’s most powerful wearable, is set to become even more popular, with analysts predicting that the smartwatch could achieve the sales milestone of a quarter-million units in the current quarter. While the smartwatch remains a niche product

Apple is working on a baby monitor that works like an iPhone, but sports a smaller screen size, making it ideal for use in bedside mode. The Apple Watch Series 3 is a wearable device that allows users to communicate via voice commands. The Apple Watch Series 4 is an incremental update to that device, featuring a new screen size, a new